Ingeniation Achieve Proof Of Concept And Commence Commercial Trials – February 2020

Over the last 12 months Ingeniation have achieved Proof of Concept of our Technology and have commenced commercial trials with global energy corporations.

We have also made significant milestones in developing additional smart features for the Holometric Engine (HE) and generating real world use cases.

The Holometric Engine (HE) has provided a revolutionary change in the performance of artificial intelligence automation techniques particularly in the fields of:

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Tracking
  • Satisfiability Logic and
  • Sequence Prediction.

The Holometric Engine is simulated as a human-like brain and thus, it has an ability to learn instantly. Its core learning mechanism is differentiated from existing AI algorithms as it does not require any training data, therefore most importantly, analysis capacity is not bound only to the training data.

The no training required feature enables the HE to solve complex tasks such as Image processing and audio/video processing in a highly efficient manner. The rapid processing capacity and accurate identification of images allow hundreds of images to process within a remarkably short period of time. The system is also expected to address the complexities of rotation variances, size variances and flip variances in image processing.

The HE has been improved to permit the use of Graphic Processing Units which has added significant capability to process hundreds and thousands of tasks in each second. The requirement of for high capacity and expensive computers/devices to run the AI system is transformed by this new HE capability.

Another important feature added to the HE is, the capability of a real-time implementation. Unlike conventional AI based systems, a portable HE can be implemented at the location from where the sensor information is being emitted. This feature helps to avoid the requirement of having to store huge amounts of structured/unstructured data prior to processing.

We have been working to utilize these incredible system features in their full capacity by collaborating and generating use cases with various research and industry partners from diverse domains including:

  • Energy companies
  • Agriculture industry
  • Astronomy Exploration
  • Infrastructure and machinery monitoring
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