AI data analytics to process and extract patterns from complex datasets including text, audio, speech, images, video, and numerical data.

Advanced AI Analytics

The unique HE technology identifies complex patterns in vast volumes of data with minimal pre-programming time, the non algorithmic processing computation is more data efficient and accurate, the HE self-trains thus processing data faster without any domain specific training models.

The Holometric Engine is designed to facilitate; adoption of advanced AI analytics for superior optimization, improved accuracy, and better pattern recognition and prediction, for anomaly and signal detection, clustering, segmentation, video and image detection and identification purposes.

The revolutionary HE architecture provides a quasi-quantum processing capability enabling the opportunity to “solve particular complex analytical computational problems that conventional AI architecture cannot solve”. Significantly reduced pre-programming time and no model training costs.

What Analytics Can It Do?

Holographic AI - Unique Advantages

Multi-Use AI System

Holographic AI is a single solution model, no coding changes for different problems, reduces software engineering technical complexity, creating significant cost savings.

Quasi-quantum Processing Architecture

The Holographic system demonstrates quantum like superposition enabling multiple bits to process at the same time via the Holographic virtual processor unit.

No Model Training Data

Absolutely no training model required, the system self learns patterns instantly from raw data, no training data acquisition costs, saving time, appreciably improving development operations efficiency.

Disruptive New & Unique AI Technology

The non algorithmic processor simplifies complex data via harmonic resonance, enabling AI software engineers to implement more efficient ways of solving complex problems.

Unique Signature ID

The HE produces a unique pattern identifier for each state to represent a feature of particular objects or sequences. One labelling database is universal for all problem domains.

Highly Scalable AI System

Infinite pattern search space, capacity increased by adding; computation entities, virtual processors or bits, with no new model or re-programming required to scale up complexity.

Superior Results

Ingeniation collaborated with the Centre for Long Subsea Tiebacks, a Chevron, Woodside Energy and UWA joint venture project. In conducting Holographic AI proof of concept experiments, the project personnel advised the time taken to process their datasets utilising our HE system is much faster than the current statistical conventional AI methods they have been utilising.

Ingeniation also collaborated with the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) a JV between Curtin University and the University of Western Australia and the Intergovernmental global “Square Kilometre Array” Project (SKA).

Ingeniation was offered the opportunity to conduct experiments on a selection of ICRAR data, the project personnel advised our “no training” capability HE appears to learn significantly faster than conventional deep learning AI which can take days to train algorithmic based AI systems.

Cutting Edge AI Technology

  1. Managing complex datasets and quickly extracting actionable insights is a challenge

  2. Holographic AI excels at pattern identification and recognition in highly complex datasets.

  3. Holographic AI quasi-quantum powered analytics efficiently transforms real-time data into intelligence.

  4. Applying real-time intelligence to problems leads to better decision making and solutions.

  5. Holographic AI unlocks complex data to discover currently unknown valuable insights.

  6. Holographic AI provides powerful data processing from simulation to sense & insights to predict and automate.