Ingeniation is an applied research Artifical Intelligence company. We have invented a revolutionary new AI processor technology completely different to classical AI.

Who is Ingeniation AI?

Ingeniation is an applied research, innovative artificial intelligence company that has invented a breakthrough unique new method of creating Artificial Intelligence processing, known as Holometric Engine Software (HEware).

Ingeniation’s entirely new approach to AI systems processing diverges completely from the predominantly algorithmic and mathematical statistics-based core methodologies of producing conventional AI. Ingeniation’s invention, represents a paradigm shift in artificial intelligence data processing and complex pattern identification / recognition.

Ingeniation founder Wolfgang Bartelt had a spur of the moment insight at a family gathering 19 years ago about a theory on how intelligence is generated by people in real world environments. From an absract idea he set about transforming his theory on how intelligence is created into a working reality.

Wolfgang conducted countless failed experiments but never gave up persevering until he successfully invented a truly autonomous intelligent processing system. Wolfgang is a computer scientist with over 30 years’ international experience working and consulting to major technology companies in the field of software and systems development.

Wolfgang dedicated tens of thousands of man hours researching and analysing existing AI approaches and related scientific theories to refine his own theories and concepts to develop the innovative core foundations and principles of the Holographic AI technology.

Our Holographic AI displays an unintended quantum computer-like environment demonstrating quantum properties like superposition, resonance, and a form of entanglement. Ingeniation’s technology delivers an AI data analytics platform for software engineers to develop their own solution models utilising the quasi-quantum power of the Holometric Engine.

Our Vision Statement

“To develop technologies that make AI faster, cheaper, easier to use, and to solve more complex problems”

Core Values

We believe in dealing with others as we would expect to be treated, with respect, integrity, honesty, and fairness. We are an innovative AI company seeking to continually improve our technology and as our future success relies on the knowledge, imagination, skills, teamwork, and integrity of our employees we will always highly value our team and these qualities.


To contribute to the discovery of advanced AI technologies enabling truly transformative ideas to make a positive impact on the world and to solve the world’s most intractable problems; like climate change, energy, food and water security, inadequate health care and education, poverty, disease, armed conflict, and political injustice to benefit all mankind.


To see our AI recognised as a superior AI technology globally by solving high value problems and to enable innovative new applications and use cases with credible corporations and organisations. Commercialise an enterprise level Holographic AI system at scale. Drive new opportunities and investment in AI development and improve global accessibility, quality, and speed of AI.

The Impact of AI in the World Today

From autonomous robots to algorithmic generated news stories, from movie recommendations to processing patient data and from virtual assistants to voice and text recognition, AI is widely considered the next big technological shift, on par with the industrial revolution, the computer age and the smartphone revolution.

Vast amounts of cheaper cloud-based processing power and storage, faster processing speeds, and increasingly smarter algorithms are powering artificial intelligence (AI) applications and use cases across consumer, enterprise, and government markets around the world, enabling AI based machines to speak, listen, move and make decisions in unprecedented ways.

As AI technologies and deployments sweep through virtually every industry, a wide range of use cases are beginning to illustrate the potential business opportunities, attract investment, and inspire changes to existing business processes while pointing the way toward new business models.

AI Conference Attendances

Artificial General Intelligence Conference – New York, USA

Artificial General Intelligence Conference – Melbourne, Australia

Artificial General Intelligence Conference – Prague, Czech Republic

HLAI (Human Level AI) Conference – Prague, Czech Republic