Holographic AI

Revolutionary New Artificial Intelligence
Based On Holographic Principles

Ingeniation AI


“What if general intelligence is made up of individual pieces of information, like vibrating atoms??”

Over the last 19 years this idea was developed into what is now called Holographic AI Technology.

Based on groundwork conducted over two decades by its founder, computer scientist Wolfgang Bartelt, Ingeniation has invented a revolutionary new quasi-quantum method for creating Artificial Intelligence which builds upon a radically different data processing architecture. The AI technology genuinely incorporates a holographic principle which gives it an intrinsic capability to self-construct.

“Ingeniation’s Holographic AI is truly revolutionary and can change the landscape of AI thinking globally”

Dr Graham Mann. Professor – Head of Applied Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Murdoch University. Western Australia. 2018

“Ingeniation’s uniquely innovative approach represents an altogether new paradigm for artificial intelligence in many (if not all) areas of AI application”.

Dr Ashley Aitken. BSc Hons, MSc Prelim., PhD – Artificial Intelligence. 2018.

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What Is Holographic AI

A new data processing architecture that manipulates and processes data in a quasi-quantum manner.

Data In.

Holographic System.

Solutions Out.

Ingeniation Holographic AI

A General-Purpose neural like network, totally self-programing, self-learning system that processes data with no algorithmic or math-based coding, requires no prior training data and self-trains utilising a dynamic perpetually processing fluid form of neural network. The system has the capability to process and extract patterns from complex, multi-dimensional data types such as text, audio, speech, images, video and numerical data.

The Ingeniation Holographic AI (HAI) system constantly adapts and evolves its processing logic when receiving new data from industry application domain environments in real time. Unlike classical computers which process data via a computers physical central processing unit (CPU), the Holographic Engine creates its own virtual CPU simulating a natural form of quasi-quantum processing.

The system design can massively scale up to big data requirements with no changes required to its core software processing system which is limited only by its host computers physical CPU / GPU’s resources. Holographic AI can be applied to multiple industry domains, applications and use cases, without programming changes, therefore offers “General Purpose” as distinct from “Narrow Purpose” processing.

Ingeniation AI

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