Ingeniation AI [in-jee-nee-ey-shun]


1. Short for ‘ingenious creation’, the process of creativity applied to itself
2. Autonomous, evolving holographic technology capable of real-time learning

“Ingeniation is pioneering new pathways in cybernetics”.
“Ingeniation is developing not just a new approach to artificial intelligence, but a whole new computational paradigm”.
Dr Graham Mann. Professor – Head of Applied Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Murdoch University. Western Australia. 2018

“Uniquely innovative, an approach really and truly worth developing”.
“Ingeniation’s approach represents an altogether new paradigm for artificial intelligence in many (if not all) areas of AI application”.
Dr Ashley Aitken. BSc Hons, MSc Prelim., PhD – Artificial Intelligence. 2018.

Ingeniation AI

An Artificial Intelligence company based in Perth.


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Holographic Technology

Based on groundwork conducted over two decades by its founder, Wolfgang Bartelt, Ingeniation has invented a revolutionary new scientific method for creating Artificial Intelligence which builds upon a radically different data processing architecture. The AI technology genuinely incorporates a holographic principle which gives it an intrinsic capability to self-construct.

At Ingeniation we believe that brains, including human brains, work by applying holographic principles in totally unexpected, yet highly effective and plausible ways to implement something which may best be described as a ‘fluid form of software’. We also believe that the expression ‘fluid form of software’ is as close as one can get to describe a technical metaphor for “mind-like” cognitive architecture.

AI Ethical Principles

Our mission is to produce a universal Intelligence platform engine as a core AGI enabling technology to be utilised in AI applications and devices in all domains and environments.

We see AGI as the answer to some of the world’s biggest problems. If we’re successful, our ongoing research and development may result in an intelligence abundance that demystifies some of the most intractable real-world problems.

With such new discoveries comes the desire to solve problems in areas which benefit all of mankind. The broad and general nature of our technology is intended to have multiple applications, however we envisage close links in applications of medicine, energy, robotics, agribusiness and science.

At Ingeniation, we seek to make a positive impact on the world with the development of ‘intelligent intelligence’. We abide by the ASILOMAR AI PRINCIPLES.